All items offered here are designer samples from various collections of children's clothes by

Petersburg designer Anya Tolstaya.



Fashion and textile designer Anya (Anna) Tolstaya was born in Saint Petersburg in the family of artists and art historians. After graduating from the prestigious Stieglitz State Art and Design Academy in 2004 she has been working with decorative textiles for a number of years before becoming drawn to children's fashion. Herself a mother of three she began with designing clothes for her own children and for her nephews and nieces, going on to creating several collections for which she received nominations and prises at fashion shows and competitions. Anya is fascinated with Russian Folk costume and uses it as a point of reference across all of her collections. Far from simply copying the traditional designs she uses them as an endless source of inspiration and creates peaces which are not only beautiful but wearable and well suited to present-day life. (All items, however delicate they might seem, are machine washable). Linen remains her firm favourite, but she uses other natural fabrics as well. The designs are machine embroidered or hand printed with stamps hand carved by Anya's husband and collaborator St. Petersburg artist Michail Komrakov.

Embroidered Pearl-Grey Skirt


Linen skirt with embroidery and lemon yellow lining


Size 104

100% linen, 100% rayon lining




39,00 €

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